Monthly archives:May 2012

  • A revocable living trust (“RLT”), sometimes referred to as a revocable trust, living trust, or even a “loving” trust, is a legally recognized private agreement which allows one or more adults to manage, own and transfer property for their own benefit, and ultimately for the benefit of others. An ... [read more]
  • Trusts of various types are used today for guardianship avoidance, probate avoidance, tax planning, asset protection planning, estate and gift planning, special needs planning for disabled family members, elder plan and Medicaid planning for nursing home assistance, and for charitable giving. A t... [read more]
  • Probate is court supervised control of a decedent’s estate to determine what the decedent’s estate consists of, whether the decedent’s will and any other instructions are legally enforceable, and who is entitled to the estate. Upon death, a decedent’s separately titled property needs to be retitl... [read more]
  • A Will is a legal document recognized to be binding and controlling of the decedent’s property. Historically, a “Last Will and Testament” was the cornerstone of an estate plan, which was legally operative only upon death, and required probate by a court of the decedent’s estate. Florida law re... [read more]
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