Helping Out-of-State Clients with Estate Planning and Elder Law in Florida

We’re often asked if we can help people who live or own real property out of state with either their own, or their loved ones’, Estate Planning and Elder Law needs. Our answer is yes, there are many ways we can help them.

The ways our Florida Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorneys regularly help out-of-state clients with Estate Planning are with trust funding, with ancillary probate, and with administering a trust in the State of Florida. We assist with trust funding for an out of state client by preparing deeds for the client’s Florida real estate to fund their trust established in their home state. We often work with an out-of-state client, and their domiciliary attorney, to administer their Florida real estate in a Florida ancillary probate. Also, we regularly work with a Florida client, and their attorney in another state, to coordinate the ancillary probate of real estate that the client owns in another state by providing that attorney with the necessary information and documents as required by the Court in that State. In trust administration, we can help an out of state trustee administer a trust with a situs in Florida. We carefully oversee these important legal processes to ensure that all deadlines are met, documents are filed, and all details are attended to with the Court, so you can have confidence and peace of mind, even if you can’t be in Florida during this important time.

In the area of Elder Law, we can also advise someone who is considering moving to Florida regarding Medicaid and other laws related to elders in the State of Florida. This can ease the transition by helping the client make good decisions to be eligible for Medicaid in the State of Florida without unnecessary delay and stress.

Our Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorneys have the knowledge, experience, and empathy necessary to guide you in preparing a will or trust, or in legally representing you in a probate or trust administration. We take exceptional care, as we work with many clients in Florida, to create comprehensive Estate Plans to address clients’ unique needs and wishes. If you need help with Estate Planning and preparing for your and your family’s future, including making plans to provide for future care of minor children and other loved ones in case of incapacity or death, please do not delay. Set up a phone, video, or in-person appointment today with one of our knowledgeable, compassionate, and caring Elder Law Attorneys. Our offices, located in Jacksonville, Orange Park, and St. Augustine provide essential professional legal services to our community.

We are your Florida First Coast Elder Law Attorneys.