Trust Administration

Administering a trust is a formal, fiduciary process that can be a difficult task for a Trustee, the person who manages the administration. Numerous detailed and precise steps are legally required by Florida Statutes during this process and can vary to some degree depending upon the type of trust. It is essential that the terms of a trust are carried out and that assets are properly disbursed after all legal and financial obligations are settled.

With offices in Orange Park and St. Augustine, we help numerous clients in the North Florida area with creating, funding, and implementing Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts—and with the important process of Trust Administration.

Our Elder Law Attorney and professional legal team work with successor trustees and personal representatives to help with any issues regarding settling debts, probating a will (if required), distributing assets, working with your tax professionals in the filing of taxes and addressing tax issues, and if necessary, litigating unresolved disputes during a period of incapacity or upon death.

Asset protection of beneficiaries’ inheritances is a key element of the Trust Administration process.  Assets distributed to beneficiaries are often protected from their creditor claims and it is important to have professional legal guidance to ensure that trustees and beneficiaries know their legal rights during the trust administration process. Trustees, adult children and caregivers are often overwhelmed after the death of a loved one, and it is important to know your legal rights and responsibilities before, during, and when closing a trust estate during Trust Administration.

Elder Law Attorney, Grady H. Williams, Jr., LL.M., Attorneys at Law, P.A., has the knowledge, experience, and the compassion necessary to guide the Trustee in the Trust Administration process in keeping with client wishes, in accordance with Florida Statutes, and to help put families and loved ones at ease during this process.

If you need information about or assistance with trust administration, please contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys who can provide you with guidance in this Estate Planning area.

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