Wills & Probate

Have a Will in Place for Peace of Mind

After meeting the requirements to create a will, you and your attorney should discuss what other steps will be taken in your will and probate case.  Probating a will in Florida is a complex but manageable process of distributing assets from a person who has passed away to that person’s friends and family.  Unfortunately, creditors and the taxman may want to intercept your beneficiaries’ inheritances!

A local area attorney can be the greatest of help to probate a will. The attorneys at Grady H. Williams, Jr., LL.M., Attorneys at Law, P.A. are experienced in probating wills in the greater Jacksonville area, inclusive of Baker, Bradford, Clay, Duval, Nassau, Putnam and St. Johns counties, and are able to do so with the compassion and sensitivity that you need during this difficult time.

Probate requires a watchful eye over the process, to ensure that crucial deadlines are not missed and that the proper paperwork is filed with the court on time. Your attorney can monitor the process, ensuring that your family member’s wishes are executed in the most efficient manner possible.

A will dispute can be stressful and traumatic.  You have just experienced the death of a loved one and a family member or friend may raise a challenge to their established will.  This challenge may be intended to ensure that your now-deceased family member’s wishes are followed, but it can also, unfortunately, be raised in order to benefit the challenger.  Attorneys who are experienced with a Jacksonville-area will contest can help you navigate the minefield of a will contest.

“Don’t be a victim of one size fits all planning. Know your legal rights about elder law and estate planning and act accordingly!”