Marie Skipper Earns Certificate in Elder Care Coordination

We’re proud to announce that Marie Skipper, Elder Care Coordinator, has earned the Certificate in Elder Care Coordination training presented by the Stockton Center on Successful Aging in conjunction with the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association.

This program of study included training about the normal aging process, following the biopsychosocial model, disease processes (physical, functional and psychological) that often afflict older adults, the current and expected changes in the community and social context of aging, useful and necessary tools, techniques and resources for the provisions of care.  It also covered ethnic, cultural and spiritual considerations in care management, advocacy and support to caregivers,  legal and ethical aspects of aging complementing the Life Care Planning Law Firms service model of a holistic, elder-centered approach to help families respond to the legal, financial and personal challenges caused by illness, disability or aging.

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Marie Skipper, Elder Care Coordinator

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