What on Earth is Elder Law?

That’s a great question!

Elder law is a special field of law focusing on the needs of aging adults and individuals with special needs.  Many of the elder law attorneys you talk to might tell you that they started with an estate planning practice and grew their practice into an elder law practice as their clients aged.  In many respects, what better way to get started than by trying to stay ahead of the issues facing our existing clients?

The elder law field is so important today because as elder law attorneys we are constantly trying to assist our clients in dealing with the complications and uncertainties that arise an uncertain long term care future. Need to know how to pay for home health care?  Protect your spouse if you were to become suddenly incapacitated?  Empower your kids to take care of you later in life?  These are just a hint of the questions you can ask an elder law attorney and get answers on.

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