Is My Will From Another State Valid In Florida?

We are often asked by clients if they need a new Will when moving from another state. We briefly address this important concern in our video, Do I need a new asset protection plan, trust, or will if move to a new state?. Our longer answer is that a valid Will which was properly drafted, signed, and notarized according to the regulations in another state should be valid in Florida too, but you are wise to consult with a Florida Elder Law Attorney to ensure that your will is in fact valid in Florida. It is also important to ensure that your Will and Estate Plan do what you want them to accomplish and that all of your documents are in compliance with Florida Statutes. There are specific guidelines in Florida regarding who serves as your personal representative and what makes a Will “self proved” that must be followed, or there could be an issue in Probate Court. As we discussed in an article on our website, The New Model Florida Probate. It is important for you to make sure that your legal documents are in keeping with Florida Law and not just hope for the best when it comes to your and your family’s future.

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