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  • As many of you avid legal readers may already know, probate in Florida is governed by the Florida Probate Code, found under Title XLII, Chapters 731-735 of the Florida Statutes. As I’ve previousl... [read more]
  • Since it’s already the end of August, I thought it might be high time to start by Christmas list for seniors for this year.  With a general election coming up, and the Republican National Convention closing out, what better time to tell all of the politicians and wannabes what would really make me a... [read more]
  • My Estate Planning Professor used to talk about “Warm Weather Specials” for the Summer, when clients would call on the spur of the moment, leaving the next week (or day), needing to create or update an estate plan. Word processing helps speed of delivery of course, but that’s not estate planning.... [read more]