Christmas List

Since it’s already the end of August, I thought it might be high time to start by Christmas list for seniors for this year.  With a general election coming up, and the Republican National Convention closing out, what better time to tell all of the politicians and wannabes what would really make me and my clients happy come this December 25h at, oh say, 5:59 a.m.  (After all, I don’t get up as early as I used to!)

PUBLIC SAFETY.  Yeah, most of the senior friends I hang with are still holding on to their guns and religion, but we do feel safer when the surroundings we move around in are clean, well lit at night, not extremely over crowed, and are adequately patrolled.  We don’t want going to the mall or a ball game to be as scary as spending the night in the county jail.  Also, we tend to have a lot of health related needs at our age, and call 911 a lot.  Don’t forget about us in the budget on public safety, please!

SOCIAL SECURITY.  Look, I’ve been paying into this one since, well, day one in my working career as a teenager on the business end of a broom.  Surely you’re not going to let this go broke on me just the time I need it, are you?  Seriously, with the flight from corporate jobs beginning in the early 90’s, fewer and fewer seniors have adequate private or company retirement funds set aside.  Hence, what Social Security benefits that they do have schedule to come their way are likely to be vital to normal existence needs once true retirement, or a part-time, working retirement, begins.  Please don’t take away my Social Security!

LONG-TERM CARE COSTS.  I know, I should have budgeted for this myself when long term care policies were affordable and I was in good health, but I just couldn’t bring myself to eat in the extra two times a week it would have taken to work that into my budget.  Hence, I’m claiming government benefits again based on a relaxed “needs based” standard which will help pay for my care at home, in an independent or assisted living facility, as well as (You guessed it!), a skilled nursing home.  I know that me and my kind are already breaking your Medicaid budget, state and federal lawmakers, but I need you to budget or plan more creatively and expansively to provide me these services, because there are a whole lot of us seniors who vote who are going to need help, and we’re getting older every day!

CONSUMER PROTECTION.  Me and my kind buy a lot of stuff we don’t really want or need, and tend to generally get ripped off by undesirables who see us as easy prey.  Also, there’s the timeshare issue.  I already have three of them I don’t want, but I caved in and bought a fourth that I really don’t want or need, and can’t afford, either.  I need a super Attorney General and consumer crimes unit of my local police or sheriff’s office to help me get out of these bad consumer moves, and also to protect me from and truly prosecute the real bad actors out there exploiting and abusing vulnerable seniors.

CHEAP EATS , ENTERTAINMENT, AND RECREATION.  I know that John Q Public would much rather watch a bad high school or college sporting event at tax supported facilities or institutions, but darn it, my wife and I want to get out on foot, by bike, or even by a short drive, and eat at a nice, clean restaurant, go to an inexpensive play, musical event, or movie, or even do a little recreating ours, like a 5K walk/run.   You politicians have to make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for small businesses and communities organizations to creatively use our existing resources and workforce to foster this kind of community for us!

Wow, I’m all worn out thinking about the things I want for my seniors this year and, candidly, I’m kind of scarred at the potential price tag of all this.  I sure hope those politicians we elect aren’t thinking about raising my taxes again!