Celebrating National Caregivers Month

November is recognized as National Caregivers Month, and it provides us with many ways to recognize and support people who are helping others.

In recognition of this month, we’ve been sharing information about Caregiving on our website,  FloridaElder.com,  and on our social media. We’ve rounded up a number of helpful articles and resources for caregivers.

In a recent blog post on our website, Eight Ways to Empower and Recharge Caregivers, we offered suggestions for caregivers to help empower and recharge as they help others. Another post we shared, 9 Steps to Less Stressful Caregiving, offers ways for caregivers to take better care of themselves to prevent exhaustion and burnout.

On November 22 our Associate Attorney, Alison Hickman, appeared on The Morning Show on Channel 4 with Bruce Hamilton in a segment titled, Caring for Your Loved Ones, to discuss caregivers and various ways to help them and show them our appreciation for all they do.

AARP has published numerous helpful articles for and about Caregiving, which include, Dear Caregivers, Don’t Fear FailureApps to Help Caregivers Stay OrganizedHow to Be an Effective Advocate for Aging ParentsCaregiving Costly to Family Caregivers,10 Ways to Manage Sundown Syndrome, and Companies Need to Care for Caregivers.

If you’re looking for further reading, 10 Must-Read Books to Guide and Support the Dementia Family Caregiver suggests excellent publications for you. The American Cancer Society offers a lot of helpful information to help patients and caregivers dealing with cancer on their page titled, Caregivers and Family.

Many more resources and information are also available at Family Caregiver Alliance.