How to Receive VA Aid and Attendance Benefits

We are asked regularly by our clients how they can receive VA Aid and Attendance Benefits to help cover the cost of either at home or nursing home care. Our answer is that VA Benefits have specific income, asset, age, years of service, and medical condition eligibility requirements, and that there are strict guidelines as to the amount of, and type of, services that are covered. Our attorneys have prepared several videos that explain more about these requirements and guidelines that you can view by clicking on the following links:
What are veteran’s benefits?What is the aid and attendance benefit program?,  How do I know if I am eligible for veterans benefits?, and My husband was a veteran. Are there any benefits that I might be entitled to?.

With offices in Orange Park, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine, our Elder Law Attorneys help clients in North Florida address their Estate Planning and VA Benefits eligibility concerns and help them with the process of applying for, and receiving, assistance through these programs.

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