Attorneys Alison E. Hickman and Zach Altenbach Present at Jacksonville Retirement Strategy Summit 2018

As part of the Jacksonville Retirement Strategy Summit, hosted by Stratton & Company on June 23rd at the University of North Florida, Associate Attorneys, Alison E. Hickman, J.D., and Zach Altenbach presented two hourly workshops, providing attendees with “A Look Under the Hood” at Lifetime Living Planning vs. Guardianship Planning.













Hickman and Altenbach offered insights about how to prepare for Long Term Care and Public Benefits Assistance Needs in advance, an example of Estate Planning using a Revocable Living Trust vs. Planning with a Will, and instructions about how to put it all together for you and your family.













If you would like to see a PowerPoint Presentation of their workshop, please click on the following link: Retirement Strategy Summit Presentation.