New Opportunities In A New Year

With a new year comes the possibility for opportunities. There’s something special and unique about the start of a new calendar year and the hope for the happy times it can offer us and our families and loved ones. New intentions, resolutions, and personal goals are on the forefront of our minds as we start 2024.

The new year is also a great time to address bigger concerns regarding our personal health, families, and loved ones in regard to lifetime and post mortem planning. By addressing practical concerns such as protecting ourselves and our families in the case of an accident, emergency, illness, or death, and being proactive about planning long-term care, we can feel more positive about our current situations and our futures. Having more peace of mind about these serious issues can be one of the best ways we can start the new year.

Discussing these matters may seem very difficult, and the effort to focus on serious issues is worth it.

In fact, one of the top reasons many of our clients give us for creating, or updating, their Estate Plans is to have peace of mind for themselves, their families, and loved ones.

As part of a happy and healthy new year, we encourage you to take the time to think about, and discuss, your Estate Planning and how Grady can help you have the significant gift of peace of mind by addressing this important need.

Addressing any concerns you have about your and your family’s health, financial situation, and plans for the future through holistic Estate Planning is one of the most important and practical things you can do.

Many of our clients have shared with us how much more peace of mind they have after establishing a Revocable Living Trust and ensuring that all of their Estate Planning does are current and robust.

Revocable Living Trusts are an excellent way to address your, and your family’s, current and future needs. There are numerous benefits to Revocable Living Trusts that include flexibility to change and update them over time, privacy, avoiding probate, minimizing tax liabilities, and even preparing for the possible of incapacity and long-term care.

Our compassionate and caring Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney is here for you, and he is sensitive to you and your family’s needs and concerns.

Grady has the knowledge, experience, and empathy necessary to guide you in preparing a Will or Trust, or in legally representing you in a Probate or Trust Administration. If you have any concerns about Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Designation of Health Care Surrogate, or managing the costs of long-term care, please do not delay. Call us today at (904)264-8800, and set up an appointment.

We are here for you, and we wish you and your loved ones a season and new year filled with peace and joy.

Grady H. Williams, Jr., LL.M., Attorney at Law

Grady H. Williams, Jr., LL.M.: Your Florida First Coast Elder Law Attorney.